Designing for Impact — Kruzr Website

Good products need a good web presence. A good website clearly goes a long way to tell the world about the awesome thing you have made to make the world a better place. In Kruzr’s case, making the world a more safer place is at the core of what the team is building to take unsafe driving head-on. As all humble bootstrapped startups they created a website which clearly articulated the details of the product they were working on.

Though the website was able to tell someone who landed on the product page about the workings of the product and key USPs, it was also clear that the approach for a domain like unsafe driving had to be far more persuasive. That’s where we decided to go back to the drawing board, this time with a persuasive and behavioural design approach.

Challenge at hand

After some digging down into the the domain and the kinds of users we were dealing with we wanted to understand;

  • the user’s mindsets
  • types of interventions
  • what kind of interventions have effect on the user’s mindset

User Mindsets

We tried to understand various prevalent mindsets based on how aware were the potential users about how unsafe they make themselves by using phone while driving and how willing were they to make a change to the current habits of phone usage while driving to reduce that risk.

We discovered 4 classifications, namely;

  1. Do not know that using phone while driving increases chances of collision.
  2. Know that using phone increases chances of collision but are not aware of a solution.
  3. Know of a solution but aren’t convinced and need a nudge to start using it.
  4. Know that its dangerous and are willing to take the risk.
User Mindsets

Possible interventions

  • Build an emotional connect via happiness, fear, etc — make them feel it.
  • Let people be part of something bigger — form a community or a cult.
  • Show them the impact of changing — emphasise progress.

Making sense

Mapping User mindsets with Interventions


With all this done came the time for creating ideas and various design mocks for the screen.


All in all the approach to help users visualise the impact of there decisions and choices of how they user their phone while driving was chosen and built upon.

This kind of approach made it easier for a user to understand exactly what kind of value Kruzr was trying to put on the table also while making sure the awareness around safe driving was also built.

Final Design — Web



Final Design — Mobile

Mobile interface had a one message approach for the landing page where we wanted to visualise the impact based on the time a user decided to spend on the page itself.


Ending Notes

To add the to the context, though we tried to be as thorough as possible, this was done in a week’s time. Any comment or feedback on something we might have overlooked or suggestions to improve the process will be much appreciated.

This project was done with Kruzr.

Kruzr is a driving assistant mobile app which keeps you safe on every trip. Find out how at

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