Design for Startups in the Lean Ecosystem – Lean Startup Night, Berlin

I recently got a chance to talk to start-ups in Berlin, thanks to the Lean Startup Berlin night hosted at WeWork.

It was interesting to speak to a new audience about a topic I have been thinking about myself for quite a time. At Tinkerform, we have worked with more than 50 start-ups now and words like Lean Startup, Design thinking and many more keep popping up. It is a constant tussle for a lot of our customers to understand the fine difference among these concepts and is completely another story to be able to use them effectively. This leads to a process full of buzzwords that only manages to confuse the teams. There comes a time when all of these processes are tossed and people end up doing whatever they think is the best for the moment.

This is a problem that we have been wondering about ourselves for a while. Our constant work with startups in managing design process for them led us to a better understanding of how these processes should work together.

The talk tends to summarize how these processes are geared to specific outcomes and goals and there are different stages in which these should be used.

A quick summary of the talk is as follows,

Design thinking refers to creative strategies designers use during the process of identifying problems while designing solutions.

The lean startup is used to turn these proposed solutions into business models, underpinned by assumptions that are rapidly tested with actual customers to separate truth from fiction, learn and iterate towards product market fit.

Agile is at its core, a way of working, characterized by frequent and incremental delivery of product, ongoing reassessment of and adaptation of plans.


What do you think ?