Decoding Design(ers) the Talk

Our veterans Vivek Sahi and Prakrithy Pradeep gave a talk early this year. The audience was a large group of developers and the event was facilitated by the BLR Droid group.

This was a couple of designers speaking to a group of developers. Designers and developers apparently inhabit the opposite banks of the product river with a pretty badly maintained bridge. What we wanted to do was to fortify the bridge and make it accessible for both the tribes to cross over once in a while and also claim a certain amount of responsibility to maintain the so-called bridge between the designers and developers.

To do this, it is important to understand that designers and developers have done a phenomenal job of working with the difficulties and complexities presented by today’s real-world circumstances where we have a plethora of devices and even more types of users. Designers and developer belong to the same tribe in a way – the people who create great products.

The talk tries to highlight the reasons designer and developers think the way they think and work the way they work with each other. It also tries to suggest remedial measures and cultural probes that can aid the process of easing the collaboration between the said tribes.

Do you have any story or idea about how to fortify this bridge? Do share them! And if you are looking for someone to collaborate over it, our bunch of tinkerers are just a shout away!


About the presenters –

Vivek Sahi works at the intersection of Design, Product and Business. He sees his role as one that aligns user and business needs. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Design from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati in 2012, he has worked with numerous start-ups and enterprises for design strategy, research and execution. He co-founded Tinkerform Innovation Labs ~4 years ago to fill the design gap that exists in the start-up ecosystem in India. His current interest areas include designing for Impact and Wellness and designing frameworks to democratize design.

Prakrithy Pradeep is an Innovation and Experience Designer, who currently mentors and facilitates learning for undergraduate and graduate students (of Human Centered Design and Experience Design) at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Apart from being the Chapter Lead for Hexagon Bangalore (a community for women in UX), she also works as a UX Researcher at Tinkerform Innovation Labs. She is currently interested in exploring the role of context and technology in learning and teaching.

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