Chefensa – To food, with love

Chefensa was a Bangalore based startup and one of the very few projects where we got a chance to do work ground up. The journey of design with them was something we were always proud of and would love to share it.

The Product 




But rather then the final screens we want to showcase the process and deliverables that led to the product screens you saw.





Discovery – To begin with the service design exercise, we created a model to help us understand the service and its stakeholder. The initial model revolves around food; with creators, curators and consumers as the 3 key stakeholders.





Define – Rituals play an important role in our experience of any event. People bother very little about what really goes inside their bodies. By turning eating into a learning and enjoyable activity, we can make the lunch ritual more meaningful.





The Experience – This concept stems from an old myth that states there is someone out there just for you. The same saying goes for food as well, there is someone who can cook the taste you crave for! Find your chef creates ways for people to explore chefs and find that one chef who they can comfortably rely on forever.






Before & After




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